Certify & upskill your workforce with the latest RBI guidelines

Certify and upskill your workforce
based on IRDA guidelines in 60 days, effortlessly!

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Gamified Microlearning

Master-O is a gamified microlearning solution that provides mobile based learning content to boost sales productivity, enhance customer service & improve product knowledge.

Our available microlearning content library (called Microskills ) includes information on insurance and insurance products that is contextualized for your workforce.

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Debt Market
Debt Market

Understand how debt financing works and how bonds are priced, traded and sold in the public market and why they are a key element in any investor's portfolio

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Discover the world of life insurance and what makes it a truly unique industry. Learn about various industry terms such as premiums, persistency ratio and many more

General Insurance
General Insurance

Learn what is general insurance and how the industry is completely different from life insurance.

Home Insurance
Home Insurance

Upskill your workforce on home insurance and what makes it one of the least penetrated insurance categories. Get an overview of the various types of products

Find out how a mid-sized bank certified 7,500 bankers
on third party financial products in 60 days

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

Master-O helps you identify and address your learning objectives using an effective and proprietary learning approach that is adaptable to your organization’s requirements.

Content Repacking

Content Repackaging

Repackage your existing content into gamified microlearning modules called Microskills. Create learning pathways for your learners with specific Microskills on Master-O.

Launch MicroSkills

Launch Microskills

Launch your customized Microskills on the insurance industry, your products, selling skills, or any other content on Master-O.

Learning Experience

Learning Experience

Employees get to learn & self-assess their knowledge through intelligent and challenging gamification elements that go beyond points, badges and leaderboards.

The above approach showcases how Master-O delivered up to 99% learner utilization & completion in delivering Microskill based learning for a leading bank.

Showcase Learning Effectiveness

Showcase learning effectiveness in 60 days that goes beyond mere utilization and completion. Present statistics about your learners that rival your marketing department’s insights about your customers with metrics such as Retention Analysis, Skill Gap Analysis, Learning Agility and many more.

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Showcase Learning Effectiveness

Looking to leverage your existing content into Microskills?

Looking to repackage your learning content on your own? Using Master-O content authoring tool, make your existing learning content more interactive, more gamified and above all more effective

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